Engaging with youth

Healing and Engagement Series of Workshops


We can’t go back to the same old same old when building relationships with students. The COVID crisis has introduced heightened anxiety, trauma, and socio-economic suffering which is bound to impact our student’s social and emotional health and ability to learn.

In this workshop, we unpack those needs and look at different ways we can reengage with our youth after COVID. Participants unpack these ideas and develop strategies to support youth.

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Series Workshops

Healing and Connection Series of Virtual Workshops

Each of these workshops can be delivered as stand alone content.  But for maximum effect, we recommend that you do them in the following order.  

Combo packages

Ignite your team engagement by adding site visits, coaching, communities of practice, or a combination of all to your professional development order.


  • Administrators
  • Site Coordinators
  • Youth Leaders
  • Teaching Artists
  • Program leaders


K – 12th


2-3 hours

Self Care is Self Love

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Self Care is Self Love

Strategies for making sure staff members are taking care of their own trauma and issues before attempting to support others.
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Engaging Your Community

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Engaging Your Community

In this workshop, we examine relationships with our stakeholders and strategies to strengthen those ties to better support our students and their families.
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Staff members receive hands on training designed to keep them engaged and actively participating.
Hands On
Staff members will have several opportunities to collaborate in small group and large group setting
Staff members will receive a study guide, resources and a survey at the end to assess impact.
Study Guide
Staff members will have a multimedia experience with music and video embedded throughout.

Learning Management System

Staff members will be enrolled in a learning management system where they will receive a profile, an online version of the workshops, and be enrolled in a group to share best practices and resources around the topic.

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