Put Me In Coach 101

Quality Improvement Workshops

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Course Description

We know how hard it is to keep staff motivated after the beginning of the year! As hopeful optimism fades away to reveal, insecurity and lack of focus, coaching is the key to getting your team back on track!

In this workshop,staff members will explore the different components of technical assistance and learn the basics on how to develop a coaching routine that builds capacity in staff members and improves program quality. Participants will learn the basic skills of questioning as the fuel to improving program quality. 

The workshop is hands on, fast paced and delivered in a blended learning environment and provides staff with multiple opportunities to collaborate and discuss the content.

Combo Packages

Ignite your team engagement by adding site visits, coaching, communities of practice or a combination of all to your professional development order. We will create a customized PD plan for your team that will make sure you get a return on your training investment.

Quality Standards Addressed

The program provides a safe and nurturing environment that supports the developmental, social-emotional and physical needs of all students

The program maintains high expectations for all students, intentionally links program goals and curricula with 21st-century skills and provides activities to help students achieve mastery.

The program creates an environment in which students experience values that embrace diversity and equity
regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, income level, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.


  • Administrators
  • Site Coordinators


K – 12th


3-4 hours


Staff members receive hands on training designed to keep them engaged and actively participating.
Hands On
Staff members will have several opportunities to collaborate in small and large group settings.
Staff members will receive a study guide, resources, and a survey at the end to assess comprehension and impact.
Study Guide
Staff members will have a multimedia experience with music and video embedded throughout.
Staff members will have fun with physical activities designed to energize the mind and spark critical thinking.
Fun Activities

Put Me in Coach 102

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Put me in coach 102

Part 2 of Put Me in Coach 101. Participants will practice asking the right questions and explore their own bias and motivations when dealing with staff.
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Continuous Quality Improvement

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Understanding the CQI

Participants will learn about the 6 point of service quality standards and how they can be used as a tool for Continuous Quality Improvement
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