Site visits

Reinforcing professional development

Unbiased assessments

Having a fresh pair of eyes look at your program is always a good thing.  A new perspective can positively impact programs in a big way!

Staff Empowerment

Staff members are empowered to use critical thinking to solve their own problems and improve program quality.

Staff Accountability

Staff are motivated to take action on integrating what they’ve learned because they know someone will be coming to view and assess their work.


Many of our workshops come with an option to add site visits after the training to support staff at a site level.  Our mission is to provide objective and constructive feedback on staff’ progress in integrating the strategies learned at the workshop.

Staff members also receive  a debrief and coaching call after the visit so they can ask questions and develop strategies to address any challenges found during the visit.

To learn more about adding site visits to your PD package, schedule a call with someone form our team, or e-mail us at

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